Saturday, December 05, 2015

B.I.R.D. Methodology

Personalized learning is intended to facilitate the academic success of each student by first determining the learning needs, interests, and aspirations of individual students, and then providing learning experiences that are customized for each student. To accomplish this goal, PrEP may employ a wide variety of educational methods, from intentionally cultivating strong and trusting student-adult relationships to modifying assignments and instructional strategies in the classroom to entirely redesigning the ways in which students are grouped and taught in a school.
Hence, B.I.R.D. "Methodology" was developed.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Mais Novidades na PrEP - English Coaching a partir de Agosto/2015.
Talkathon: Uma Maratona de Conversação fora da sala de aula nas mais variadas situações cotidianas.
Snapchat PrEP: Dicas diárias de Conversação em Inglês.

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

'CLASH OF COLORS' The 1992 Los Angeles Riots from the Korean-American Perspective

The Los Angeles Riot, unlike the previous race riots in the United States was a multiracial riot involving the Black, White, Latino and Asian immigrants. It was also a riot that was driven by the media, competing for ratings against the newly emerged 24-hour news. This documentary explores the looming racial violence in America in this global century.For additonal information and stories please visit http://www.LosAngelesRiots.Info

Saturday, February 28, 2015


BUSINESS ENGLISH - Financial Terms. Wayne Smith explains four financial terms for you and how some of them have become part of general English. If you are serious about you English, talk to a business professional who is also an experienced and respected English teacher.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Donald Duck Cartoon Compilation

Donald Duck Cartoon Compilation HD 2 Hours

Chip and Dale Donald Duck Cartoon Playlist Full Episodes. 

0:00:20 - Donald's Gold Mine
0:07:35 - Donald's Garden
0:15:00 - Donald's Dream Voice
0:21:31 - Donald's Double Trouble
0:28:17 - Donald's Better Self
0:36:25 - Donald's Dog Laundry
0:44:24 - Donald's Crime
0:52:22 - Donald's Cousin Gus
0:59:38 - Donald's Camera
1:06:59 - Donald Gets Drafted 
1:16:05 - Chip an' Dale
1:29:45 - Donald Duck and the Gorilla
1:36:48 - The Greener Yard
1:44:03 - Out On A Limb
1:50:28 - The Riveter

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Patriotic Popeye Cartoon and Popeye Aladdin Cartoon HD