Sunday, August 30, 2009

Remembering "The Liberal Lion"

Let´s remember some basic prepositions!!!???

Street Life Uk - London

Central Florida News 13 Covers Blimp Over Citrus Bowl

Grandpa Reuven - Sweet Animation

Do you wanna test your Vocabulary in English ???

1. Are we living in an acquisitive society ?

(A) charitable
(B) self-denying
(C) greedy ; covetous
(D) developed

2. The tonic had an acrid aftertaste.

(A) palatable
(B) delicious
(C) savory
(D) bitter

3. The dispute was renewed with increasing acrimony.

(A) civility
(B) bitterness
(C) urbanity
(D) curiosity

4. The merchant is noted for his business acumen.

(A) keenness
(B) honesty
(C) stupidity
(D) obtusity

5. A bad tooth may cause acute pain.

(A) blunt
(B) sharp
(C) dull
(D) obtuse

60 minutes : " Drink To Your Health"

Borat Meets David Letterman

1968 Martin Luther King Assassination Report (CBS News)


Fox News: Palin didn't know Africa was a continent

Movie Buzz : A good listening practice!!!